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Hvidt & Mølgaard-Nielsen

Danish Pioneers in modern furniture  

& architecture. 

Founded in 1944, the architecture and designer duo 'Hvidt & Mølgaard' became a pioneering force in Danish Modernism. 

Many of their iconic designs has been awarded, such as the 'AX' chair – exhibited in 1951 as part of the 'Good Design' show at MoMA. A compact and multi-functional design language became the signature of Hvidt & Mølgaard – to fit the modern living in smaller apartments. Their architectural mindset and carpenter experience enabled their ideas to transform the Danish furniture traditions with modern ideologies and needs, also in economic aspects: With the ability to produce industrial furniture flat packed for transport, they became a global player in the golden years. Over 250 of their designs have been produced and distributed by companies such as Fritz Hansen, France & Son and Søborg Møbelfabrik. Although industrially produced, their designs were carefully worked out down to the smallest detail. As a result, they truly left their mark on the world of interior design and furnishing fulfilling a classic and refined form, with a solid and easy construction. We are pleased to present a great part of their work as an oeuvre, which today stands for:





Danish Modern Design took a different path 

 Scandinavian climate can be harsh with long cold winters, so the home has always been an important place of refuge. What makes the Nordic home so special is the distinct warmth and cosiness that is achieved through simple yet elegant interior furnishing. The Scandinavians excelled in a form of modernism that embraced the natural world and combined functionalism with a respect for tradition.

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France&Son Exhibition


Creating unique spaces with our Mid-Century furnitures is our mission, which we realize with our project team of "Deraum". Room installations are showing a personal view of one specific curated story. Another mission is, to raise  consciousness for sustainability and a sense for special objects, furniture and art, by visualizing the objects in an intimate context.



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