Marina Apollonio Dinamica Circolare for Panderma Editions

Marina Apollonio Dinamica Circolare for Panderma Editions


This silkscreen print on paper by Marina Apollonio comes from the series La Lune en Rodage III, produced by Panderma Editions in Basel, Switzerland in 1966. It is an unnumbered copy of 230 different editions (65 were not signed) and is signed in pencil. La Lune en Rodage was published in three volumes in 1960, 1965 and 1977 containing a total of approximately 180 art pieces which provide an account of the artistic avant-garde scene between the 1950s and 1970s. The artworks were curated by Carl Laslzo and included the greatest artists of the time.


Designer Marina Apollonio 
Manufacturer Panderma Editions 
Design Period 1960 to 1969
Year of Production 1966
Production Period 1960 to 1969
Country of Manufacture Switzerland


Width 28 cm
Height  28 cm

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