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Modern Mid-Century Antiques


We collect and refurbish modern antiques from the Mid 20th Century, mainly Scandinavian design classics. Due to our network we can offer also specific sourcing, home staging, interior design or rental services for fairs and shootings. We invite you to browse through our collection to be inspired. Please feel free to contact us regarding
any further information.


1 x front element

assemble to the front amrest

1 x left


1 x backrest

assemble to the armrest on each side

1x seat

put it on at last

1 x right



We choose each piece consciously how it can be restored to its full glory without losing the priceless patina. This process begins with a deep respect and appreciation for the original form. The creativity of restoring and re-contextualizing these classic pieces is a huge motivation for us, but we are also driven by the thought of sustainability and anti-consumption.

Are you looking for some historic decor or affordable art pieces? Due to our partnerships we offer a wide range of editions, art prints or sculptures from the Mid-Century period. Contact us to establish or complement your collection.


"The human society is trapped in a vicious circle of overconsumption that destroys our planet. Reusing products as long as possible and treating them with care and love to pass them on to the next generation is always to be prefered to brand new products." 

Yves Zenger

 Spokesperson of Greenpeace Switzerland

Read the Mid-Century
story "Zeitkapsel"
in"Raum und Wohnen"

April, 2019


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