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We will update this site very soon with more detailed information.

Our work is very contrary to large cooperations or global eShops. We work on a sustainable basis and take a lot of time to find suitable items which already have been used and have their history. We then decide on each piece, if we only refresh or refurbish it, to keep its patina. You can always ask for a full refurbishing if you prefer. ​

Also this is a "slow-economy-business" which takes not only passion, but time. Our small but international network is based on trust and personal relationship. 

We therefore kindly ask you for patience regarding delivery timings. As most of our stock is in our storage, we usually check and pack each item before it is being delivered. Wooden furniture is being polished or treated with teak oil, which needs to dry before collection. ​


Usually all our objects are for collection only, as we can not take any liability for lost or damaged goods. ​If you wish a delivery, we could request an external courier. Usually those are small companies and deliver as additional load, which means, they optimize their tour with several other jobs. For smaller pieces we could use a parcel service or deliver within Switzerland. As this is an extra effort, prices need to be requested before placing an order.

We recommend to check the delivery carefully when it arrives, ideally with the driver.


For environmental reasons, we try to avoid unnecessary packaging or re-use whatever we have on stock. This might not always be "chic" but safes resources and energy. For larger items our couriers are using blankets, which they re-use.


As we sale unique or modern antiques, we do not offer any return policy.

Please note, that the objects for sale are usually in a vintage condition.
Therefore ensure yourself about the condition, before you place an order.

We can send you more images via mail or WhatsApp on request.




We are still working for optimized and fair payment gateways. Within Europe and Switzerland we mainly use bank transfer. In Switzerland Twint is one of our payment gateway. As our business is small, we need to charge an extra fee, if you wish to use credit card or PayPal. Please consider that not only your purchase is a "vote", also your payment way is determining power and growth.


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